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There once was a show on Tv called Babylon5.  It ran for 5 series, including some movies and a 1 season spin off. After a while it dissapeared leaving a lot of us heartbroken like no girl ever could.
Sure, call it a personal viewpoint but it was the best sci fi series ever.  Plot, depth of character, topped it all.
The show spawned some games and merchandise including a super detailed strategic combat game called Babylon5 Wars (B5W)
The game was published by AOG and later Mongoose (in a different ruleset) but was discontinued early in the millenium.

To this day, a number of people

The cat people are HERE!

on Sun, 03/30/2014 - 18:35

Curteousy of our lead programmer Jazz and Lead Graph. artist Chris...we present to you a race of conquering cat people...the DILGAR!


Have fun playing them...I AM!

The drazi are here!

on Sun, 09/08/2013 - 09:30

Last week most people jumped to the chance of taking the Drazi into space.  Most are not in the clear just how to use them though.

Tricky suckers..


Next stop....DILGAR!



At the moment we have one coder and one graphic artist.....and altough we are chuffed that they exist, it's not enough to make good progress.  
SO...if you know your way around some code or want to change every playboy cover into a Total Recall variant (fellow geeks know what i mean),



a pleasantly disturbed crew awaits you